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Multipack case | ALOve

Released Date: Dec 30,2018

Multipack's client name: ALO jewelry CZ, s. r. o.

Three brands in Czech: ALO diamonds (23 years on the Czech and Slovak market), 11 stores for exclusive diamond jewellery; ALOve (4 years on the Czech and Slovak), 9 stores for fashion gold & silver Jewellery, and a new brand HALADA, 4 stores for now, high-end diamond jewellery. We make the gold jewelry with diamonds and gem stone. ALOve brand is more fashion and focus for young people mostly from 20-45 years old.

Jewellery Value: More than USD 300

Multipack case | ALOve

What we do?

Offering new material and packaging designing solutions and producing quality products for different brands since we met in 2017.


Since 2003, Multipack has been focusing on customized fine packaging for jewellery chain stores and wholesalers. We coordinate jewellery boxes, luxury gift bags, pouches, display, jewellery cases, trays into the same melody with the renowned fine jewellery brands. E-mail: packaging@multipack.com.cn.

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