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Multipack case | STULLER

Released Date: Dec 30,2018

Multipack's Client No.: 38604

Company name: Stuller, Inc.

The Bill Gates of Jewelry Field in USA

Stuller, Inc., a prime manufacturer and distributor of jewelry and jewelry-related products, is dedicated to providing solutions to the global jewelry

Jewellery Value: Above USD 1000

Consumer: Business Elite, ladies with age 25 to 55

What we do? 

We keep offering trendy material options and popular designs, and control each reorder’s quality step by step within same level for 6 years.

Photos of Jewellery:


Packaging Product:

Packaging Product:

Since 2003, Multipack has been focusing on customized fine packaging for jewellery chain stores and wholesalers. We coordinate jewellery boxes, luxury gift bags, pouches, display, jewellery cases, trays into the same melody with the renowned fine jewellery brands. E-mail: packaging@multipack.com.cn.

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